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So my husband and I want to have another baby but I have a conflicting voice in my head saying I am too big to have a baby now and I need to loose weight before having another one. Anyone else almost at their previous baby weight with their other baby and trying? I want to have another baby but I feel like I am too big 😔
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I've always been overweight. It wasn't an issue with my first, but since she was conceived via IUI and we wanted to try naturally for our second, I did lose 30lbs first (by doing Noom) and I got pregnant on the second try. Mind you, even though I lost 30lbs, I was still technically overweight, so if you're not morbidly obese, I wouldn't really worry too much. Of course it's a good idea to get some exercise and eat healthy foods, but I wouldn't stress too much about the weight aspect.

I would only worry about my weight when I was finished having kids or if there was a long stretch between having kids. Unless the doctor tells you not to get pregnant, don’t worry about it. You’ll loose it later.

I’m 5lbs over the weight I was when I gave birth and just got pregnant with I’m second. Don’t let your weight stop you!!!

I definitely didn't loose the weight I gained after my first and just gave birth to my second my pregnancy went very well the only complication at birth was a mistake made by the anesthesiologist while inserting the epidural.

You should really discuss with your doctor! Your weight is just one part of your overall health and your body’s readiness for another pregnancy. My hubs and I are at this same impasse and my sister just gave me that same advice to talk to my doc so that’s what I’m gonna do! However, my initial thoughts were aligned with J.S. It didn’t make sense to me to lose a bunch of weight to potentially gain it all back again. Seemed like unnecessary strain and stress. But like I said, I’m gonna chat with my doc and I hope you do too! Good luck! 😊

Me!!! Didn't exactly lose the weight before getting pregnant again, and I'm due in May with #3

@J.S. Thank you ❤️ so supportive

@Aleia thank you for your kind reply! I really appreciate it and the tips

Makes no sense to lose weight and then gain it back just to have to lose it again I was 15 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight (but I wanted to keep some of my weight) when I got pregnant again with my 2nd. I was 8 months postpartum and they'll be 17 months apart. Definitely work out and eat right during pregnancy if you're trying again. I gained 71 lbs with my first and so far only 20 lbs with this pregnancy and due in January. Have the baby if you want. Hit it hard after baby number 2

I dont want this to sound mean, but go ahead and try for another baby, then just work on losing the weight after the next baby. Also, your allowed to work out while pregnant (unless your doctor tells you your not allowed) . My boys are 3.5 years apart. So I did lose my baby weight when I got pregnant with my second, but I had 3.5 years to do so. By all means, if you want to lose the weight first, do that. But if you want to have another baby, dont let your weight stop you from achieving something that makes you happy. You can always lose weight later

If having another baby is something that you both currently want, I wouldn’t let something like your weight stop you. Our postpartum bodies are never where we want them to be and even if you get pregnant it doesn’t have to stop you from working on it. Start small, take walks do whatever you feel comfortable to get you going and you can do more as you get more comfortable. I started working out shortly before my last pregnancy and I just continued throughout my entire pregnancy, never doing anything I didn’t feel comfortable doing. I’ve never been a very “active” person lol. I felt great, probably the best out of all 3 of my pregnancies and that’s including being a little older and still having to tend to 2 young kids. On top of that, I gained the least amount of weight out of all my pregnancies as well. You can do it!

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