My baby did her first roll over this morning (tummy to back) 😅 unfortunately only I saw it and her Dad missed it. Since then she's not done it again though I keep putting her on her tummy. Was this a fluke incident?! 🫣 How long between your baby's first and next roll??
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I watched an interesting video on tummy to back rolling about intent and the different stages (wish I’d saved it!!) but from memory there are about 3 stages. 1 is accident, 3 is intentional and 2 is somewhere in between. My son did it at 12 weeks and kept doing it for a week then never did it again until today. I’d say today was somewhere between intentional and accidental but the earlier ones was probably pure gravity 😂

She hasn’t done back to tummy yet, I think she learnt tummy to back to avoid being on her tummy for very long 😂

My baby rolled from her front to back when was exactly 12 weeks, then didn’t for another week before doing it lots in a row. Some days she goes for it and other days she doesn’t want to. She still seems slightly shocked every time so I think it takes time for them to do it with proper purpose! X

My little boy rolled from back to front once about 3 weeks ago. Then on Sunday he did it again and now is doing it every time I put him dow!

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