Feeling like rubbish!

Anyone else just feeling like they can’t cope? 🫣 Feeling so unorganised, due to complete on new house on the 15th December (baby due mid January) so haven’t been able to set up a nursery or anything yet, I just organise babies things inside the boxes they’re in to make me feel a bit better and try to connect with it all as it’s true what they say, pregnancy is really lonely! Body feels like it’s falling apart, can barely walk with pgp and just feel like absolute crap! Left the house once in the last 4 days and it was for a scan, thankfully was able to take some time off work but doubt I’ll be going back at this rate. Feel awful being so negative as I know it will all be worth it in the end but jeez how do women do this multiple times!? 😂 I guess this post is more of an unload for me and to hopefully realise that I’m not alone in feeling the scaries!
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Ah it’s so frustrating isn’t it, we don’t do things by halves 😂, we picked the place we’re moving to as they initially told us we’d be moved in august but it’s just been pushed back so many times 🙈. That’s so true though that they won’t really be needing to use a nursery until 6 months +, just be nice to have somewhere organised to sit and be among the baby things feeling all the feels.

If it makes you feel any better I also haven’t been able to sort baby’s nursery out as we are expecting to move late January/February time (due 22nd Jan). So you’re actually in my ideal position! 😂 I’ve bought most things for baby but I know exactly what you mean, it’s not the same when you can’t set the nursery up and decorate ☹️

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