Funny baby gas

Does anyone elses baby fart up a storm lmao 🤣 my daughter farts so much and its so loud no way this is from a baby sometimes she even scares herself i am so weak from laughing 😂
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Lmao!! Yes!! Im weak right now!! My daughter can sound like a grown adult

@Keisha lmao its so funny like how tiny human!?

Yes! It's hilarious 😂

Yes it's so loud and smelly it cracks me up constantly 🤣

@Destinee the smelly one always got you checking for poop when there is none 😂

@Harley forreal it's shocking how poopy it smells sometimes lol 😂


We say those farts are her soul leaving her butt. Her man burps are also referred to as Homer Simpson burps. 🤣

@Lauren lol omg yes the burps like they just chugged a whole beer 😂

Yes!! I get woken up every morning with her baby toots! It’s so funny

@Cee Jae lmao thats even crazier that they wake you up 😂

My little one is the same. I'm sure in Starbucks the other day I'm sure they thought it was me not her 🤣

Lmaooo my son sounds OFF. My husband swears its me. It’s that loud

Yes! Last Sunday it was audible to those around us during the prayer in church. 😳

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