When to start exercise ?

I've officially been cleared by my GP to exercise. Went to a mum and baby yoga class and the teacher was shocked I was there so soon after birth. Also some mums I've spoken to have shared its not good for your abs or something... What's everyone's views...when are people starting to exercise. By this I mean classes or exercise channels etc.
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I started exercising literally the day after I had my 8 week check with the GP. She said obviously ease yourself in again, don’t go crazy. I asked her to check my abs for separation on request of my PT and she said there was no point as everyone gets separation and regardless the advice would be to work on your core 🤷🏼‍♀️

I had a cs 8 weeks ago GP said today see next 3-6 months about making abs stronger - walking, Pilates, swimming. Can then return to running, circuits, strength training after

I’ve been back riding my horse since 4 weeks and competed at the weekend there at 9 weeks … I went to baby yoga at 7 weeks. Trust your own body x

I’ve been back playing rugby a couple of weeks and I’m 9 weeks PP! It depends on your body and how you feel!!

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