My statutory maternity ends in March, im not going back to where I am currently employed. If I resign now can I start a new job straight away? I have no clue! I’m aware I need to pay back any enhanced maternity
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Thats fair enough!

@Shannon ah yeah I was aware of that, but that’s why I need to go back to work.. as I could earn more. We’re struggling with just getting SMP and my partners wage, and the cost of living is really taking a toll. I don’t want to go back to where I work currently due to the company being very unprofessional and breaching GDPR and confidentiality policies and procedures. Hence why I want to leave immediately and start somewhere else. :)

I think if you start a new job while receiving SMP it stops your payments too so there’s that to consider.

Contractually yes. Depends on your company. You'd have to ask if they'd let you go early/ if there'd be any consequences. My first graduate job let me leave early when I moved (less than a month).

@Helena so if I were to hand my notice in next week… but had to give 2 months notice, I wouldn’t be able to start a new job within those 2 months? Do you know what would happen if I were to leave immediately ? Or does that depend on the company? Sorry! X

You might be able to use any accrued annual leave to cover your notice period

In theory you'll still have to "work" any notice period, but your employer might be happy to waive this considering you're on leave.

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