Tax free childcare

Does anyone know if you can get this while on maternity leave? Basically my 2 yr old has never been to nursery. I went back to work part time when he was 1 and my Mum has looked after him. I think nursery would be good for him so I want him to start a few mornings a week from January. I set up a government gateway account earlier and completed the application for tax free childcare and advised that I’m currently employed (which I am) but I noticed that one of the options was ‘on maternity leave’. I am due my second baby in December so I will be on maternity leave soon and I’m wondering whether that will mean we won’t qualify. Any ideas please? This is all new to me.
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@Sarah thanks for your reply Sarah. That’s good news! xx

Hope that makes sense! You can get it for the older child but not for the younger one until you start back at work I think 😊 That is how I have understood it.

Hi, I'm pretty sure you can get tax free child care for the child you are not on maternity leave for. You just can't get it for the child you are taking mat leave for. This is what I'm doing for my 2 year old in any case!

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