Potty training

I know it's something that gets brought up often but I'm starting potty training with our little girl tomorrow! Hit me up with your best hints, tips and activities to do while we're home bare bum, basically anything you think would be helpful please! 😁🙏
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At a nursery I worked at with potty training toddlers we’d have timers to take them every 20 minutes until they got to grips with being able to tell us when they need to go

Blowing bubbles is a really great distraction and really helps them to go on the potty as the motion of blowing relaxes their muscles 😊

They tend to do a wee about 10 mins after waking so on a morning and naptime so on the potty once awake. Word of advice do not give your child your phone to watch a video to get them to sit still 🤦‍♀️now he purposefully lets me know he wants the potty just to watch videos on my phone. Also tell her well done even just for sitting still on the potty.

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