Line eyes or vvvvfl

I had a chemical pregnancy last month and I promised myself I would stop testing early well...I lied I've just took this test with an afternoon wee and I can see a tiny line is this just hope or can someone else see it too? I'm going to test Thursday morning too give it chance to develop if it is positive however I want to knownif I'm crazy haha x
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Frustrating though isn’t it because you just want a clear answer either way 😫

@Jess aww yeah it's normally the best sign to try isn't it ahaha and aww yeah I mean this was on the first 2-3 mins but who knows pregnancy tests are random now aha xxx

I thought I’d looked at it in time for it to not be evap lines but I guess not and my last pregnancy started with the faaaintest line so thought it may be the same but nope. Tbf we wasn’t actually trying that time but after the negative test we realised it’s what we want so now we will be hahah

@Jess thank you! Yeah I was thinking that I've never had an evap on these tests but doesn't mean they can't happen and aww I am so sorry! It's hard ttc xxx

I think I potentially see a very faint line but idk, i had this last week and turned out to be negative as my period came so I assumed they were evap lines so maybe don’t get your hopes up and definitely test again in a couple days. Fingers crossed for you though!

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