Do any moms on here not pay any attention to “leaps”? I’m in a wonder weeks group on Facebook and it honestly just stresses me out more than anything because they talk about how terrible leap 5 is (I guess it’s based off birth date or due date so all June babies are about to hit leap 5 or are rn) but is it really something I should still pay attention to or something I can ignore and just let happen as it happens? There’s a wonder week app too that you can check off skills learned and such. It’s pretty cool but everyone talks about the leaps being soo bad lol. It has me waking up everyday like 👀 will today be the day he screams all day like they say lol
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Ugh I’ve had a rough couple of nights as soon as I put her down she wakes up and is hard to get back to sleep

@Andrea same! We’re also struggling with sleeping he just wants to be held if I put him down I think he notices when I leave

I believe leap 5 22 weeks is in regards to your baby understanding the distance between things including you. I know for me right now if I leave her for too long or not playing with her she gets fussy and upset that I’m not with her.

Haha yea I don’t follow it but I do look it up if something different is going on with them.

I had the app with my first born and none of it was accurate so I didn’t get it this time

@Haley 💚 that’s part of the reason I like to follow everything but it just causes me to think my boy is one day going to flip a switch on me 😂 which so far hasn’t happened yet!

@Lizbet I was hoping someone would say this!! Lol don’t dive in like I did 🙃

With my first whenever something was off with him I would check to see developmentally if something was expected to happen soon. It helped me understand him more and how to go about supporting him. For example you would handle a growth spurt differently than a regression

what is leaps? 🫣

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