First midwife appointment

Heya girls, i just want to know in detail what happens at the first appointment? I just got booked in and i will be 8 weeks by then…
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My midwife did blood work, carbon monoxide test, asked lots of medical history about previous illnesses and infections, any visits to the A&E as well as family history. She suggested prenatal vitamins and vitamin D and booked the next appointment for 16 weeks. She’ll also book your scans and any consultations (if you need any). You can ask her to recheck if you feel your weight/height is incorrect. They are very accommodating and friendly so I’m sure it’ll be okay. Best of luck ❤️

Thank you ladies, im just worried about them getting it wrong. I was in hospital last year for a miscarriage and they weighed me and measured my height and it was completely wrong…

For mine the midwife went through loads of medical history (for both mom and dad) and social situation questions to make sure you get the support you need. She gave some info on screenings and tests available to have during pregnancy and also asked about birth plan and breastfeeding - if you already know what you want. Did urine test, blood test, weight, height. co2 levels are not only checked if you smoke, also if you live in a polluted area. Offered me some prenatal vitamins and the maternity folder with the notes and more info and scheduled the next appointment for 16 weeks

Questions, blood pressure check, co2 blower thing (usually if you smoke), weigh, due date predictor, can’t remember if they do a urine test then

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