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Looking for suggestions for a new baby carrier. I have a sling/carrier combi thing, but my tiny human seems to drop down as I work and I have to keep lifting him up. Heard about baby Bjorn and ergobaby, they have good reviews. But just don't know 🤷🏼‍♀️ Looking for something that will be suitable for a newborn (now 10lbs at 6 weeks) and when he's older. Thank you!!
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I love my ergobaby omni 360! Used it with my first until she was 15 months (probably would have kept going longer but I was pregnant so stopped) plus my daughter is big for her age! Now using it with my newborn and it’s been a great fit for her too! I got it second hand on fb marketplace as well for a fraction of the price x

Depends on your budget. We had both BBa and ergo and they did the job, but not great. My girl loves being carried, so bought Artipoppe. Its a game changer, you cant really compare the other carriers to AP. I did a post about benefits of AP previously.

I agree you should go to your local library to try our different brands and different carriers. The sling consultants are professionally trained and they have insurance and they will be able to show you how to wear baby correctly and safely. You can even hire from them for a few weeks to make sure it is the right one for you. It costs very little but makes a massive difference and will save you so much money buying things people recommend that might work for them, but not necessarily for you.

@Rasharnie sorry but infantino isn't the best

I love my baby Bjorn ones. I have two and bought them as they are recommended for good back support.

I love my ergobaby Aerloom

I love my sleepynico carrier

I have an ergobaby, and it Saye suitable from 13lbs upwards but I have a newborn insert that I can use but haven't actually used it this time round yet just used my sling, I love it! I was still carrying my first at 11 months old in it and the straps etc are nice and cushioned I wasn't in pain or aching at all really🥰

the brand infantino have some really good ones

See if any places local to you run a sling library,.that way youl be able to checkout and try various different Carriers and find one that suits you best

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