Which formula is better for cmpa? Sma althera or nutramigen?

Hello, I’m still struggling to get my 7 week old started on formula for cmpa. Hes been prescribed sma althera which he is not taking easily & tried nutrimigen- same. but I would like to know from you all- which is better-SMA Althera or Nitramigen?
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@Kerry sorry to jump on. My LG has just started on this, how long did it take for you to notice a difference? We're on day 4 but no noticeable change xx

My first tolerated nutramigen, my second didn’t and is on neocate. Nutramigen still has milk proteins in they’re just broken down more to make it easier to digest, which some babies can tolerate, others can’t x

My girl is on nutrimigen and works well for her, suppose it depends what your bub will tolerate xxx

None are “better” it just depends what works for you- they’re both hydrolyzed formulas but nutramigen contains probiotics vs Althera containing none. Have you tried flavouring with non alcoholic vanilla? Or transitioning slowly? It won’t be so much as about taste at such a young age more likely other factors. The sooner you get onto an allergy milk the better x

It all depends what type of allergy they gave ige or non ige

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