Baby tugging and pulling nipple

Hi everyone, my almost 3 week old has been tugging and and pulling on my nipple while nursing the last few days… He usually does this I think around 10-15 mins into the feed on each breast. If anyone has experienced this pls let me know why my baby may be doing this!
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My 2 week old is doing the same! Or spitting it out and reforcing a latch which can be painful! No idea why either x

Mine is 8 weeks and does this, sometimes it's because he is gassy or trying to poop, so I take a break and wind him... But sometimes I have no clue why he's doing it and it's very frustrating and painful 🤔

Oh yes sorry I thought you u were talking about hands. That’s just what babies do. Pulling away to figure out things and what not

@Gabrielle oh okay. Are you referring to baby using their hands to grab and tug? I was talking about baby tugging/pulling with his mouth while nursing

It’s just a way the fidget. I have my other boob covered so she doesn’t do it. And if she tries to grab the side she’s eating on I love her hands

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