Screaming whilst changing

Everytime we put our little boy down to change, get dressed, change clothes etc he absolutely screams the place down. He hates it. Is there anything I can do to help? I’ve tried distraction, dummy etc he still screams and just spits his dummy out. Is this normal behaviour? My baby is almost 8 weeks old x
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Exactly the same for me and the only thing that soothe him is to put the hairdryer on in the background, the sound magically helps 😅

Try feeding then changing. White noise also works for us

Same here. I have started feeding her first,burp and then change. Seems to be working most of the time.

My 11 week old too. Nappy changes, clothes change, getting out the bath and hungry.....screams. literally 0-100 with very little warning.

We use a light toy to distract! It rotates the lights across the ceiling and works well at night to keep him still as my LO doesn’t mind being changed but takes the opportunity to thrash all limbs in all directions which makes the nappy change eventful!

My 11 week old does the same tends to do it more if hungry or don't like tops going over the head so I scrunch it and talk to her whilst putting it over quickly like playing pickaboo so she trys not to see it as a negative

Our LO screams at nappy changes/being naked too. He's 9 weeks old and been like it since day 1. We try and make the room and mat warm before putting him down but doesn't always work for us and we have to just do it quick and push through x

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