Nausea and Food Aversions

Hi all! I haven’t got nausea to the point where I’m vomiting, but it’s just constantly there in the background. I open the fridge and it just absolutely stinks and there’s no food that I want to eat or crave. Any ideas?! I’ve no motivation to work or do anything, which isn’t ideal as I’m a teacher. 🤣
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I’m just hoping it passes. I’m not a good patient at all. The wrist bands have arrived today and I’ve managed dinner without too much fuss. Although the burps/gas is still quite bad. I had my omega tablets with my tea.. so I’ve had fishy burps for the last two hours. 🤮😭 Gaviscon tablets seem to be helping a little too. I found this ‘queasy stick’ on Amazon that’s a peppermint smell, that seems to help too. My fiancé cooked dinner before and it’s the nicest thing I’ve had in days. I was talking to him about it and I think it’s the food prep that I’m having big issues with too. Like seeing raw meat is just 🤮🤮🤮. I opened the fridge before and I was just like.. I can’t. Maybe the baby is a vegeterian?🤣

This is completely normal. I have an underlying vomiting condition and rely on a feed tube, so sickness I know well. Some find ginger can help like a ginger tea. I find peppermint helps too and sipping water. 😌 you got this mama.

Hi all. I’m having the same symptoms. Only thing I’ve throughly enjoyed having is frozen yogurt 🙈

Hi Hannah, Completely relate to this as a teacher too! I’m exactly the same with the nausea. I’ve felt that wearing sea bands on my wrists helps (no kids have asked why I’m wearing them yet but I’m waiting for that!) and definitely little and often with plain food is helping too. Sounds silly, but I just keep holding my breath when I am near smells ha. Like when I feed the dog or when I open the bin or something. Fingers crossed it eases soon! Good luck!

Hey Hannah, exactly same here ! I’m not vomiting but except the breakfast I don’t feel appetite for food.. and I have heartburn for the last few days and nights.. but I’m still thankful that I’m not vomiting so all good 😊 also about work, I feel the same, I don’t have energy or getting tired very easily, I have iron deficiency for a long time now so I keep using the iron tablets hoping that it’ll help. I’m thinking about getting a few days off from work

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