Can’t control my pee

Hi mamas, I noticed recently that anytime I sneeze I pee on myself, is it normal? 😕and would it stop after pregnancy?
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lol yes it happens to me right now and i’m 20 weeks

Yes this is normal I started having this happen around 5-6 months and I still do at 9 months now

I noticed that any time I want to pee and I’m trying to hold it I feel like something is pushing my bladder, I guess it’s the baby

Yeah will slowly go away…baby is pushing on your bladder….last night I was on sofa and baby moved and I dribbled a bit xx

I used to wee myself all the time when pregnant from sneezing with hay-fever etc ! My baby is 3 weeks old and I haven't wee'd myself since she was born when I've sneezed. Pelvic floor exercises help once you've given birth but I've not done those if I am honest xxx

I have this too, baby is 7 months Is there anything more we can do other then the squeezeie nhs app?

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