Green tinge in poop

Hi ladies, Over the last couple of days my 4 week old baby girl has done a few poos that are tinged green in her nappy, opposed to the usual mustard yellow, although when I wipe her it looks yellow on the wipe. She’s exclusively breast fed. Having researched this it seems it is nothing to be concerned about as long as she is fine otherwise, which she is. But, I’d love to know if any of you have experienced the same with your little ones? Thanks :)
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*in breastfeeding

I'm breastfeeding it can mean that LO isn't reaching the thick fatty milk, only the thin watery milk at the front xx

My little one is combi fed but more breast milk than formula and hers is always a mustard/green colour. They’re healthy colours, I had to google it as well cos I was concerned in a different shade lol x

My baby has had greenish poos for the last 2 weeks & is also exclusively breastfed. The HV said it could be because she’s gets a lot of wind as I have a fast flow🤷🏼‍♀️

My boy did the HV said he may of had a tummy bug

@Beverley thanks so much 🤗 bill mention it to my HV when I see her next!

My girl was the exact same. She’s 4 weeks and now only has it every now and then she’s also exclusively breastfed. Midwife, health visitor and doctor all said it was normal x

My little one has had green poo for about a month but with a sore belly I’ve been hassling the doctors but just been told “it’s normal” although he’s got the runs with it. Formula fed

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