rehoming dog.

I want to rehome my two energetic dogs. I don,t have the time for them i work full time, have 2 young children. Overall, i just don't have time for all the mess they make, they can open doors so come in covered in mud, open cupboards, chewed items etc.It is everyday. We've been to classes the behaviour doesnt change. I walk them and they still act like this, my Husband doesn't want to get rid of them but he works away and is home rougly 1 week per month. He doesn't see the work they are, he let's them do what they want when he's home jump on sofa, jump on him and kids i spend atleast a week teaching them to get off only for him to soon be home again breaking the training. He will walk them 2/3 times when hes home for the week yet moans i dont everyday. If i say im getting rid of them he says he's going to move out... Not that makes much difference to me but if he can find a job at home for the dogs why cant he for his kids? I only wanted one dog, he brang the 2nd home. Theyre inseparable so would prefer to home them together. Would I be wrong to rehome the dogs whilst he's gone?
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Yes, it would be wrong for you to rehome while he isn’t there.

Even if he doesn't take any care or responsibility for them leaving me having to deal with them.

I can’t imagine ever contemplating rehoming my pets. They’re family, and like all family it doesn’t always means it is easy. But they are as much the part of the family as the humans.

I think to do it while he isn’t there is huge betrayal, regardless. I could never forgive someone if they rehomed without me knowing. I’d also imagine he’s also listed as the dogs legal owners too (jointly or otherwise)

I'm willing to try and train them via pet more pet classes where as he doesnt bother with them. no legally ive had to register them, chip them, take them to the vet, get them castrated etc because as i said hes home about 5 days a month and doesnt do anything other than hype them up. Ive said to rehome them but he has none of it nor takes any responsibility for them. I feel like theyre dumped on me and that they deserve a better life.

Bar the kids I'd rehome the lot of them. 😂 Seriously though you and your children are the priority. What he's done/doing is completely unfair, but it's happened and the majority won't agree but dogs are pets not family and not on a par with children or above your mental heath and wellbeing. If him moving out makes no difference let him go and take the dogs with him. Reading between the lines I think you'll have an easier, less stressful life.

Those dogs will love you as you are all they've ever known. I couldn't imagine the heartbreak it would cause my pup. I get it must be hard, but dogs are part of the family to. Think I'd be divorced if I got rid and hubby wasn't here!

It does sound like they need more training that you can't provide so it would probably be better/kinder to rehome them to someone who has got the time to put into them but I don't think you should do it behind your partners back

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