It has begun!!!

The unnecessary comments from random people, asking me when I’m due and commenting on how big I am already and when I say it’s twins they say things like “oh my god I don’t envy you”…”oh well at least that’s you done then”…. I always get stumped when people ask me if it’s my first too (my 1 week old son passed this March) most of the time I just nod and need to walk away. I thought it could handle this but it’s really hard when people can be so nosy and insensitive. Maybe I need to just hibernate till they’re born 😅 Maybe I’m just being over sensitive because my hormones are all over.
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Sorry 😩 unfortunately this the world we live in , people love to talk , judge , always have something to say.. just keep doing you , and let them folks be , they just miserable!!

Yeah this doesn’t get any easier the further along you get and the stupid comments continue once they’re here, comparing weights and their temperament etc. I also had the ‘oh a boy and a girl, you’ll be done then’ when I had a child at home already. I was like ‘yeah I’ll just go and tell him he’s not needed now 🤦🏻‍♀️’ you’ve really gotta grow a thick skin being a multiple mum 💪🏻 we’re the coolest bunch of mums so keep your chin up

Omg I can totally relate. I feel like every single person asks if it’s our first. I had a stillbirth with my first and then I had an early miscarriage after her so technically this is my third pregnancy but I always just say yes… 😞 or they ask if it happened naturally. I think that’s so inappropriate like I’m going to tell a random stranger if I struggled with infertility Jeesh! People can be so inconsiderate.

I’ve got a 13 month old & 8 week old twins, so don’t get me started on the “oh you’ve got your hands full” & “rather you than me” comments. Like no shit 🙄

I hear you! I’m 30 weeks pregnant with my twins living in the UK and my family is in Mexico… every time that I share photos I just have comments like “ you are fat” “ you are huge” “ omg look at you, sleep as much as you can because you will not have time for anything “ I try to set boundaries I already let them know that I’m pregnant not fat not huge just pregnant and sometimes I don’t want to share more photos! They just need to be more sensitive!

My MIL was comparing me to her niece who was skinny and prego. She said I was really big compared to her and I said, “well, some of us are not naturally skinny and work really hard. What you said is hurtful and made me feel ugly and fat.. thanks” she felt horrible.. after that she kept telling me how cute I look and never mentioned my weight again. 😂 I’m so straight forward with people. I’ve also had people say “sleep while you can” and I’m like “I have insomnia” 😂 I’m unapologetic and hate people’s comments.

@Sami you’re right I need to take control more and practice a solid line I can say to everyone. Yes it does vary, sometimes I don’t mind talking about it if I like the person, sometimes I’m in a situation where it’s just not right and the person isn’t giving me good vibes. I guess I’ve got to get used to it as it will be even more when they’re here! Better think of some good comeback lines!! Xx

Not over sensitive, my sister has twins and it annoys me that random people ask if she had ivf or make comments about ‘rather you than me’ it’s so insensitive! You get to choose who if anyone you share your loss with, I’m so sorry you lost your son. ❤️ Maybe practice something you feel comfortable saying and it’ll probably vary depending on the person / situation x

@Amber I am defo going to take your advice and start walking away 😅 problem is it’s usually shopkeepers while I’m paying!!! Haha. I’m only 22 weeks but I am massive already with quite a small frame too. Thanks for your kind words lovely xx

@Amelia you’re so right I need to remember I can just leave a situation I don’t like or tell people to back off and keep their stupid comments to themselves 😅 Can’t believe your neighbour only just noticed and then said condolences what the!! Im quite surprised that’s it’s mainly women that are insensitive too! Like surely you’d think ah maybe she’s feeling nervous etc and say some words of encouragement xxx

Sorry to hear it 🥲 People can be arseholes! I remember when I was 30 weeks a girl shaked her head at me and said that’s not normal.. it was huge and I was fairly small elsewhere so yes it looks odd but do people think we don’t already know that 😩 I say just walk away from people whilst mid convo if they’re being rude! X

I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your son, I can’t even imagine the pain you’re feeling ❤️ I haven’t gone through that myself but I have had the same comments and they’re infuriating, I’m 30 weeks in a couple days and my neighbour as just clocked I’m pregnant (somehow) and when I told him it was twins he said condolences, I didn’t know how to react so I just went back inside my house. Oh and the ‘you’ll have your hands full’ comments do my head in. Just no need to comment on someone else’s life in my opinion. You’ve got this mama, remember you’re entitled to tell people to back off xxx

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