C section infection

Hey all, I'm nearly 4 weeks post partum and going into week 2 of infection in my c-section. I was on a course of antibiotics for 1 week, but they've not worked. I've got to go into the doctors tomorrow to be swabbed. They said they'll swab it and then send it off but didn't tell me what the swab is looking for? Are they testing to see if it needs further treatment (other than 2nd course of antibiotics, they've qlready prescribed these in the meantime), or are they testing to see what kind of infection is in the wound? Just wondered if anyone can give me an insight? Thank you 😊
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@Jordan Thank you. They swabbed and sent off this morning! The swab was bright yellow and green 🤢 hoping it will be sorted soon. How long did it take for the results? Xx

They will test to see what the infection is so they can get the best antibiotics to treat it. They did it for me, worked quite well but I needed an antifungal cream too xx

@Lauren Thank you!! Glad to hear yours cleared up. Hoping for the same 🙏🏼💓

Hey! I had an infection too, they swab to make sure the antibiotic is the right one for the type of infection you have. After my first week of antibiotics mine was also worse so they gave me a second course of stronger antibiotic and that got rid of it. I went and got another swab after the second course just to make sure it was all gone and it was 🩷

Thanks ladies! Wish they would just tell you these things over the phone instead of being so vague! I just want it to go away now. I can't stand the smell either, it's vile! X

I had a similar issue. They swabbed me to check what type of infection it was to make sure I was prescribed the right antibiotics for that specific infection. I hope you feel better soon! 🙂

I had the same so I didn't care about the swab, when it got infected again I called and they told me I had a specific bug that wasn't addressed effectively by the first antibiotic, they made me go through a new full run of metronidazole and it got better.

@Megan it's gotten worse since they prescribed the antibiotics. It's still open, and it's absolutely pouring fluid, and it's bright red around it. It's not pleasant at all. I'm lucky I don't have a temperature because they wanted me to go to A&E if I had a temp. I'm just hoping it'll go away 🤣🙏🏼 x

They might be testing to see what infection it is. Could be testing to see if it’s a yeast infection x

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