Chicken pox vaccination

I'm considering this for my daughter but just hear for experiences of anyone who has had this for their little one? No judgment please just wanting to know if this will cause her less pain
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I think it’s not too common in the UK, might be better to speak to someone American based where it’s regularly given 😇

I’m also interested in this

Both mine have had this. Although chicken pox is usually not serious (albeit unpleasant) there are a small percentage of kids who can get really poorly (group a strep infection of skin lesions, encephalitis (brain inflammation)) so for me it was no brainer. Both mine were fine afterwards. About a week ago they’ve updated the guidance to say this should be rolled out as part of the UK vaccine program at 12-18 months of age. However who knows when that will be put into practice so if you decide to go for it I’d just book privately. I went to boots.

We had it because my mother in law is immunocompromised due to chemo and my husband has never had chicken pox. She was due to visit (lives abroad) but there was an outbreak at his nursery and we didn’t want to risk it so decided to vaccinate so she can safely come over and we don’t have to worry. Paid privately at boots. No side effects for either my son or husband.

We had it. Both vaccines my daughter got a temp really soon after but then was absolutely fine after some calpol. I just couldn't face her having chicken pox after I've seen friends little ones have awful cases.

Mine had the first dose on Saturday and he was a bit tired and grumpy on Sunday but no temp although we gave calpol straight after. My husband is foreign and he had it when he was young, and after reading that they might be rolling it out here eventually I just decided to go for it and avoid if possible such a nasty illness. I had glandular fever very badly and was hospitalised when I was younger so I’m not a fan of viruses!

I’ve not had it but strongly considering it. My fear is she will get chicken pox at a really bad time like just before a holiday or something! And in general it can be really bad for them like sleepless nights/scarring/small risk of serious complications. From my research the only thing that does concern me a little, is if the immunity was to wear off in adulthood, and she got it as an adult, then I think it can be a lot worse in adulthood and if you’re pregnant as well. In countries that routinely vaccinate this won’t be too much of an issue as there would be very little chickenpox around as most people would have been vaccinated, but at the moment in the UK there’s still lots of virus circulating. So that’s my only concern with it! Think I’m going to go ahead though in the hope that they do roll out the vaccine here.

My son had the 1st dose last week. All my friends’ children had it so I thought it was common.

We had it over the summer. My husband has had chicken pox lots of times so it was to protect him as much as our son

My son had the first dose during the summer whilst we were in Greece visiting my family as I am from there. I think the second dose will be this coming year just before summer. However the first dose gives him 75% immunity so I m happy as he goes to nursery. I wish they had a vaccine for hands foot and mouth too.

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