Stomach aches and pains and diarrhea

On and off for days now I've had stomach aches/pains and diarrhea is this the clear out that people talk about? I'm 37+5 is labour near Just confused as have been constipated throughout whole pregnancy until now
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I had this! For about a week but it has since stopped.. got excited 😆

Sounds like early labour to me!

I would mention it to your midwife. I’ve had stomach issues on and off for some weeks but I suffer with IBS and I spoke to a doctor Sunday and mentioned it and she agreed it could be the hormones triggering my IBS. I haven’t had diarrhoea though. Many people I know have a dodgy tummy whether it be the squits or vomiting before going into labour though

I’ve been constipated through my whole pregnancy too. I’m 37+6 and waiting for this ‘clear out’ lol

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