Photo for attention 🤭 Hello my little boy is 3 months on Saturday and he’s already teething I’ve just bought teething stuff and a teething toy, how do I settle him in the mean time!
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I've got this thing called anbusol ready which is supposed to be better than bonjela.

@Rebecca Thank you I’ll try that and I’ve tried calpol that’s not worked 😩 he’s had red cheeks, red gums, drooling loads, really unsettled and grabbing my hand to his mouth to chew on it xxx

I'm sure you can give calpol for teething to help. Additionally use breast/formula milk in a teat and freeze and let them suck on it like an ice lolly. Heard it's meant to help. How did you find out baby was teething? My LO is dribbling/blowing bubbles a lot and moving hands near mouth but not hungry and wonder if it's teething too for him

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