What time do you put your baby to bed for the night?

Help! My baby is 6mo. He goes to bed officially at 9:30 every night We do bath, bottle, story & bed Everyone else seems to be putting their baby to bed much earlier than this. He doesn't wake until 8ish most mornings. Am I doing something wrong? Is this too late?
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My 6 month nearly 7 month usually does 8-8 - if I’m honest I don’t want her to do earlier as her dad won’t see her also I go to bed with her bcos she doesn’t sleep well (in order to get as much sleep as possible) so I don’t fancy going at 6 or 7 🤣

The whole 7-7 sleep routine is a totally myth. Most babies will sleep 10-11 hours in a night. So you’ve got to do what’s right for your baby. We aim for 7.30, sometimes it’s 7.15, sometimes it’s 8. This depends on when he woke up from his last nap of the day. He usually wakes up at 6, but then will sleep for another hour on me and wake up for the day at 7.

My LO goes down at 7.30pm every night. Sleeps until 8am right through. I’m a lucky mama 🤩.

Whatever works for you! I find whatever time i put my baby down he wakes at 6:30am! So he usually goes to bed at 7/7:30pm to give me and his dad some chill time

My son was going down about 7:30-8 but has recently been having a long afternoon nap so this has brought bedtime forward to 7. He doesn’t wake until 1am ish for a feed so I know 7 works good for us reg bedtime as opposed to nap ☺️

My girl refuses sleep for more than a nap until 10:30-11:00 and she’s 6 months. Wakes up around 9, but up 2/3 times still. I stopped stressing about it, I’m not going to try to force her to sleep earlier at the detriment of my sanity 😂

My girl doesn’t go to bed until around 10:30 pm 😂 that’s just what time she settles sleeps until 8 am

Mine goes down at 7:30pm but that’s because I go by how he is so he starts getting grumpy, red eyes etc cause he’s tired, I’d go by what your baby wants, if he’s happy going to sleep at that time and waking at 8am that sounds great! xx

I always go off when my daughters ready and I go off her sleepy cues of rubbing her eyes, pulling on her ear and yawning. She'll go down anytime between 6pm-9pm.

There is no right way 🥰 It would be different if they was in education as you'd need to have them up earlier for school etc, but for now it is perfect. Obviously I'm mentioning about education 'cause soon my toddlers sleep will more than likely need to change haha xx

@Hayley thank you ❤️ I just got worried that I was doing bedtime too late. But it does work for us! X

My girls go to bed around half 8 and was the exact same with my first and they wake up around half 8 and my first always has done. Nothing wrong with it at all. I'm so glad my kids go to bed later meaning they aren't early risers which most babies are and tend to start their day at 5am. It would physically kill me 😂 Keep doing what you're doing 👌🏼 xx

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