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Anyone got any tips for self soothing? My lo doesn’t self soothing at all. We still contact nap because he fights every nap and I have to rock him to sleep at night. If I put him down awake in his crib, he just cries.
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And avoid picking him up for as long as possible. Oh and after a feed we will bounce him for about 10 mins at least on our knees to get rid of any air bubbles. I still have nights he wants to be rocked. That’s usually down to teething or my poor time keeping for bed time though. I hope something helps that I might have said. X

So mines not perfect at all, and every baby is totally different too. My LB normally wakes from his last nap around 5 where we will then do food (rice or a purée) bath if bath night, if not he might go in his bouncer for a bit. Then tummy time, some playing in his back followed by black and white cards & bottle. This will usually be all done upstairs in his room with maybe some calming music or Disney songs on. Then all music off, white noise and night light on. I put him into his sleeping bag into his cot and read to him. Then I say his sleepy phrase (it’s what books have suggested, a phrase at bedtime they know means sleep time) and I’ll leave the room. I’ll usually be waiting around to make sure he does fall asleep. He will be asleep between 6.45/7. When I first tried self soothing it took him 20 mins or so, some babbling, a few moans but no full on cries. Now sometimes it’s a few minutes. I don’t let him cry it out but I don’t react straight away either if he does cry and I’ll try

@Sophie Thank you. We normally start the bedtime routine at 7pm with bath, bottle and then bed. Normally asleep by 8pm. Can I ask what your nighttime routine is? Xx

Have you tried putting him down earlier? Before he shows the signs he’s tired? My LB can go max an hour before he starts showing the tired signs and by that point it’s sometimes too late so we try time it that he’s bathed and fed before an hour. Bottle max at an hours point and then into his bed. If I can do bottle earlier I do and this was the key for self soothing. Nap times I still have to rock him to sleep as he’s too nosey and gets fomo 😂 x

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