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My 13 month old has been doing one nap a day for a few weeks now. I always put him down 5-5.5 hours after my DWT, which is 5 am.. so his nap is usually around 10 am and then he usually sleeps until 12. Bedtime at 6pm. He only sleeps in his crib for 4 hours at night and then comes to bed with my husband and I. Idk what to do to stop these 4 am wake times?! I mean even 5 am is early, but I've accepted that is just the type of guy he's gonna be. He's always woken up at 5am. This morning, he got up at 350 am.. when he goes to my mom's or grandma's for the night he sleeps the whole night through til 5 or even 6 sometimes! I just don't get it!
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He was getting up early with both scenarios so idk

I read that if moving to one nap causes early morning wake ups then they aren’t ready for one nap. My son fought his second nap for like 3 weeks when he was 11 months old but then went back to happily napping twice a day. I think it was just a sleep regression. Maybe yours isn’t quite ready for 1 nap. Maybe two shorter naps of 1 hour ish each would be better?

@Ashley i’m gonna message you, see if I can help!

We tried different wake windows on two naps and that didn't work. Trying this one nap a day and that's not working.. going outside, getting a bath, idk what more there is to do

@Ashley my daughter used to be a 630am wake girl & I eventually got her to sleep in to 8AM at the earliest what have you done so far

I was trying to stop the early morning wakes... it didn't work

hmm push nap till 1030-130 (if he’ll sleep that long) and then make the second WW 5.5 as well so make bed 630 early morning wakes are usually due to not enough sleep pressure during the day what made you drop the second nap?

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