Mucus 🤢

Anyone struggle with mucus constantly being in your throat and chest? I can’t ever get it all out and of course meds are too strong. It makes my hyperemesis sooo much worse. Anyone have remedies??
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I've been doing hot showers. Then I've been stopping the drain and keeping the hot water in the tub. Closing the door to the bathroom to keep the steam in. Only thing that's kinda of helped.

Is it safe to assume you all are also suffering from the constant spitting? I am at my wits end with that

@Mariah I didn’t find that mucinex is safe. It used to hurt my stomach when I wasn’t pregnant anyway so I hate it 😩

So we can all agree that we all going through the same thing? Ugh in the mornings it feels the worst. It makes me so nauseous all the mucus in my throat and as soon as I wake up I got tissues next to my bed cus first instinct is to sneeze and all that nasty stuff comes out 🤢😵‍💫

Yes! Mucinex is safe to take. I take a pill with something that helps with chest congestion and I feel way better once I get it out.

@Taty I wish there was a good remedy. Sometimes I can hack it up but even when I do it’s right back in there. Miserable

Same that’s why I’m still dealing with nausea so heavy. The constant mucus in my throat makes me gag

I’m glad it’s getting better for you!

Absolutely I been struggling for a week now about but it’s been getting better every day

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