Can Gaviscon stop working?

Looking for some advice. My little one has suffered with reflux since 3 weeks old, and has been on infant Gaviscon 5 feeds per day, which seems to have been working amazingly (we have some bad days with sick but no pain) since Sunday, she’s been so unsettled again, not wanting to sleep in the day from about 11-6 is having about 1 hour broken sleep, and sick most feeds. Can Gaviscon stop working? I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt to see if it was something that might taper back off but it’s exhausting, she won’t let me put her down - seeing her in pain is debilitating. All I seem to read is bad news with reflux and I’m not sure where to go from here. Any help/ advice would be amazing. Thank you!
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@Cayci Taylor thank you so much!

@Georgia yes it does, my boy has really bad silent reflux and it helps a lot, you should try it, the doctors perscribe it x

@Cayci Taylor thank you! does the carobel help with the pain? I’m just a bit worried it will help with her sickness but not stop the crying and thrashing/ not sleeping on her back etc

On instagram, there’s baby reflux lady or rockabye_hub, you should be able to find help on there. They explain that reflux is a symptom of something else, so when you uncover what is causing the reflux then it can be helped properly!

My boy was on infant gaviscon it worked for a couple of weeks then stopped hes not on a milk thickener called carobel and it works wonders x

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