Which food superstore doesn't support Israel?

I came across earlier on Insta and just wanted to know which superstore doesn't support the genocide? I would like to try and avoid stores that are.
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@Fahmida yw, whenever you go on a website type in Israel, all the products will show up. I was very surprised to see some basic Asda branded products that we would usually use everyday be made in Israel.

@Ley didn’t know that, thank you!

Whenever we hold out on stores @ them to discourage investors as well.

@Fahmida Asda still sells products produced in Israel including the Asda branded multi surface cleaning wipes and many more..

Asda is supposedly owned by two Muslim named brothers - Mohsin & Zuber so worth looking into that

@Aliyah ohh, I got the sensitive ones blue packet. I'm assuming it's only them ones then?

@Khadiijah I actually checked today some are from turkey

I'm not sure but they do have products from there. The little angels baby wipes are from there and a few other things x

All of them do.

Does asda and tesco support israel

I also saw this video on insta

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