If my water breaks how much time can I wait to go to the hospital?

If my husband is at work and my water breaks can I wait for him to leave work to take me? Or should I rush and call an Uber or something? Last time my water broke (first baby) it was late at night and he was home to take me. Idk if I'll be so lucky this time. How much time do I have?
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@Alicia https://americanpregnancy.org/healthy-pregnancy/pregnancy-complications/group-b-strep-infection/

@Chelsea I'm not sure what that is.

My waters broken at 130pm Sunday didn't start contracting till 630pm Sunday gave birth 02:45 Monday morning x x

Yeah just one of those things because once my water broke it took me 5 minutes to get to the hospital and it was already time to push but some hospitals won't let you go home because once the water breaks that means the baby isn't protected anymore and can lead to infection

Are you strep b positive do you know? In that case it's more important to go to the hospital sooner so you can get antibiotics going before delivery

my water broke at 6am and baby didnt come until 5pm. but its different for everyone so I’d definitely ask your doctor what they think

Labour doesn't always start with waters breaking anyway so I wouldn't worry about it. My waters broke with my second as I was pushing him out! Just keep in touch with the midwives and they'll give you the right advice. Usually they tell you to come in once the contractions are close enough together.

You can wait! Because most likely If you’re not having contractions they’d send you home unless they see something wrong! And tell you to come back when contractions start or go back in 24 hrs or something like that x

That's s hard one to answer as your wsters could go and labour not happen and need assistance to your water could break and baby come in minutes and you'd need to ring for an ambulance Best to be prepared for mother nature to decide either way tbh

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