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We have started looking at nursery’s for when I go back to work. I don’t really know what makes a good one. Can anyone give any suggestions on what I should be looking for and any questions I should be asking when visiting. Thanks
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Depending on where you are go online and check their inspection reports. I'm in wales and CIW are the inspectors here so got all the nursery's on there! Book visits to the different nurseries that are on your option list.. sometimes when you go for a look you get a feeling and you might just know what one is THE one! I work in a nursery and we have an app that we update for nappies/meals/send at least one picture everyday/can send messages it's super handy! xo

It's tricky because they are all underfunded near me so the staff turnover is high and most are in need of a refurb near me. The online reports are so mixed too. Definitely do tours and you will get an immediate feel for the ones you prefer X

@Helen thank you so much, I wouldn’t have thought of half of these

A garden and going outside for a walk everyday regardless of the weather was really important for us. Worth checking they provide meals as one we visited weirdly didn't. You could also ask if they will have a key worker assigned and how many children they will be responsible for. Settling in process/ how they approach if the baby is really upset. The nursery we are going to has a stay and play session to meet the key worker before we start. How they update you do they have an app that you can check what they ate/when they have a nappy change etc

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