Would i be wrong to rehome dogs?

i have two large energetic dogs. I only wanted one, husband cane joke with two. Now the dogs arw a nightmare, open doors, chew my house, open garden door and run in and out caked in wet mud. I havent the time to clean up after them all day and raise the kids and look after the house. I want to rehome them, but my husband doesn't. He works away and is hoke for about a week a month. When hes hone he lets them jump everywhere and on kids when he goes i have to retrain them to get off the sofa and not to jump up at the kids. He says if i get rid he's leaving and taking them with him, but this isnt even an option. We both love the dogs but i think they deserve a better life than what we offer. would it be wrong to rehome them?
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Just thought of someone else who again is mobile and brilliant (check out reviews) also on Facebook Akila K9 Training- Allanah - 07957 671486

thank you!

We used - Doggy Dilemas (you can find them on facebook) she's based in North Norfolk - 07900 071321 and also Hannah at Star Dogs Training (also can be found on facebook) on 7900 071321 she's more mobile and will cover almost all areas. Would highly recommend both.

Have you got any contact details/ website for her? I'm willing to try anything to get them to behave.

What about an in house trainer? I also have 2 dogs (therefore no judgement) I couldn't solve their behaviour issues until we had a lady come round who was a dog behaviour therapist, they're not perfect and my god it was hard work but day in and day out I persevered and I think we're 90% there. Obviously depending on what breed they are would depend how easy/ hard they are to train.

Yes, they have been to classes but as soon as they are left unattended they trash everything regardless of distractions such as bone or toys.

What dogs do you have? Have you thought about a dog behavioural therapist rather than a last resort of rehoming?

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