Cow’s milk for breastfed baby!!

Really confused on when and how are people introducing cow’s milk?? My LO drinks all the milk before nap/sleep times, basically fed to sleep. Confused on how should I introduce cow’s milk in this situation.
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Mostly everything I’ve read about it says to mix the milk, so 2-3oz of formula or breast milk with 1-2oz of cows milk. And then gradually increase the amount of cows milk and lower the baby milk. Mine also is fed to sleep as that’s the only way he goes down, I need to get him out of that habit! I’m probably going to do this with his afternoon bottle (after lunch that he doesn’t go to sleep with) and go from there, I will probably also introduce it at 12 months because he’s fine on formula for now. I’m also going to make his porridge and weetabix more milky to help with the transition and get him used to the taste. But I’ve also read if your child really doesn’t like drinking cows milk you can double up on vitamin D and calcium rich products by giving things such as cheeses, whole milk yoghurts, salmon, kale, sour cream, broccoli etc. this is just based really off of what I’ve read though x

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