Not wrapping Christmas presents for LO this year

I refuse! He had no interest in unwrapping his birthday presents again this year we had to do most of it for him! 🤦🏼‍♀️ I may wrap one or 2 but that’s it! Going to get one of those big Santa sacks and let him just look in that! Anyone else’s LO the same? 😂
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My son loves opening presents and has zero interest in what's inside usually 😂 we find it helps if we keep the number small so it's less overwhelming and the novelty doesn't wear off before he's done

I gave up on wrapping paper years ago, just use reusable gift bags. J didn't even open all his birthday presents so I'll be keeping them as his Xmas presents!

Mine (2yo)got scared of the wrap on her birthday 🤣 she wouldn't even touch it and when we were opening she was hiding 🤣🤣 so, I think I'll do the same as you, it is not point to waste time wrapping them when she wouldn't touch them.

Mine sort of enjoys it in small doses, so took all day to slowly do it, which didn’t bother me x

I might re-wrap some of the presents he got for his birthday as he hasn’t played with them yet 😬 ours enjoys ripping the paper off… but doesn’t matter what’s in it at the moment

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