Not feeling intense love for baby

I'm wondering what other people's experience has been with feeling love for your baby. Did you get the intense rush of love? Has it been a love that gradually builds? Do you feel numb to it all? I feel really guilty because I didn't feel the intense emotions for my baby that I thought would happen, which I've since come to terms with and thought it would happen by now. But I still don't and she's 15 weeks. I feel like she's a family member I've known my whole life and I absolutely do everything for her, but my sister has had a baby and when I see her I get that thing where I want to gobble her little cheeks up, but I don't have that for my own baby. I see her cuteness when she's asleep but it's not intense. It's making me feel weird, I was wondering if anyone else has/had that and how long it took for you to feel the proper 'love' feeling?
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Have you reached out to the HV or GP? It could possibly be a sign of PND. I was diagnosed in the first few weeks and even though I did have the rush of love it was very hard for me to show it when I felt so down

I'm like that with both my boys. One is 21 months and the other is 3 months and my heart doesn't feel like it's going to explode with love which is what I was expecting. However I miss them when they're asleep and I worry when they're unwell or have hurt themselves so I'm not worried that I'm not attached. I'm definitely attached, just not obsessed and that's ok too 😊

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