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Can’t believe I’m even writing this but hoping maybe some has been in a similar situation. I currently work 32 hours a week and on a decent wage. Considering the prospect of separating from my partner but wondering how I would financially survive on my own with two toddlers. Both are in nursery 3 days a week, we pay for 4 days in total. I’m assuming I may just about be eligible for help from the government but assuming it would take a while with applications and approval I’ve never claimed anything before so don’t know how long this takes. My question is how do I actually survive during the transition? Because I wouldn’t be able to cover all bills on my own from the get go, do they do payments in advance? I hope this makes sense
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I believe it is when the first payment comes in (I've not claimed myself). The policy in practice is pretty accurate id you fill it out correctly x

@Emily thank you do you know how long it takes to hear back about whether you have been accepted to get help? X

From the day you apply your payment will be 5 weeks from that date. Then after that monthly. I would say you will get help with childcare if you get any UC entitlement but definitely worth doing a benefit calculator to work out roughly what you will get. As above you can get an advancement on your payment but they will recover this over your future payments. Hope this helps. This is the more accurate benefit calculator

If you claim UC you can get a loan from them to help with things before you get your entitlement. Doesn't usually take too long providing you give evidence of everything they need and proof your identity etc xx

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