My little boy loves eating different vegetables, although I don’t eat veg and never have as I have a fear of trying new foods/textures. My palette is very simple… I want to introduce some different vegetables to my little one but embarrassingly I don’t know what else I could give him/how to prepare it. He currently loves peas, carrot, sweetcorn, broccoli, and parsnips (in soup). He also has cucumber if you count that as a veg.
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The book “how to wean your baby” is very good for this

Capsicum pepper as sticks, cauliflower prepped and made same as broccoli, swede can be bought from and chopped already again same as broccoli just boil it, sweet potatoes, asparagus, cabbage, mushrooms, butternut squas. What id personally do would be to google ‘a list of vegetables to give my …. Month old’ (fill in the blank) and then google how to make … (again fill in blank with said vegetable)

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