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How many of you have moved your little one to their own room? My little boy is 24 weeks on Thursday and is waking himself up multiple times in the night (I think he is teething so could also be a factor) but I think he is outgrowing his next to me as he can’t move about in there. I know the guidance is 6 months but that’s only two weeks away so just wondered if anyone has any success stories with it? I’ve got really bad sleep anxiety at the moment unless we are co sleeping but I don’t want to co sleep anymore as I wake up stiff and don’t sleep properly. Any advice?
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@Megan we can never win can we 😂😂 x

@Rebecca that’s what mine did last night! He rolled at about midnight and I went and turned him onto his back and then by the time I’d gone to the loo and back in bed he was on his tummy again 😂 hopefully they learn how to roll back soon!

@Megan it definitely gets better!!! Give it a few nights and you’ll sleep fine again, promise! Although mines just started to sleep on his tummy and hasn’t mastered tummy to back roll so I’m up again most the night checking 😂 xx

Thanks everyone! I did it and he went until 2:30am in there! I slept awful though so anxious! Please tell me that gets better? X

Moved last sunday (12th) he turned 5m on the 13th x

We moved our LO last week when she was a few days off 5 months. I was disturbing her by snoring when i had a cold and she had pretty much outgrown her next to me cot! So far so good and shes only been waking up once a night and she lays in her cot babbering whilst she waits for me to go to her in the mornings. Do whats right for you x

Hey! My baby has just turned 5 months and has been in his own room for over a month now. He hated his next to me. I did naps in his cot and found he slept better so I tried one night and he just preferred it! I was anxious the first few nights but it soon went x

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