No motivation

Lately, I haven't had any motivation to play with my kids. The TV has been on a lot so I can do chores. Doing chores seems less exhausting to me than playing. I feel terrible that I'm like this. I usually take them to the playground to break up the day but it's been too cold or we've been sick. Winter feels like it'll be sooo long. I feel so guilty. Anyone else in the same boat?
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I've been in the same boat. I've just been buying more family games, I just got a mini indoor bowling game. I make house or cool trinkets out of old boxes. Arts a crafts or teaching my 3 year old daughter how to help with household tasks as my son is only 1. I completely understand the struggle. I've just been trying to get creative with interacting. Really pep talking myself throughout the day. Don't feel bad. Winters typically feel more draining.

I think we all feel like that off and on. At times, I sit and let my son come to me. Or I lay on the floor and interact with him when he comes over. It is very tiring. Don't feel too guilty.

Aww I am definitely feeling anxious about how I’m going to keep the kids occupied and get them tired out for good naps and bedtime throughout the winter when it’s too cold to go outside! Usually we play in our backyard every day, walks around the neighborhood, go to the park, etc. But now it’s getting too cold (today it’s snowing for the first time this year), and realistically we can only go to one of those indoor playgrounds or something every so often…definitely would love to hear some ideas ! My children are 21 months and 8 months!

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