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I exclusively breastfeed and for some reason, my little one refuses the right boob. I have tried multiple times to get her to take the right one and she has done it only a handful of times. My guess is because the right one is a bit aggressive and sprays her. Are there other mamas whose babies are like this?
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I have a similar situation, baby likes one side and it’s the more “aggressive” side that sprays and then she ends up being sick as she has taken too much too fast (or so I assume). I have taken to pump that side for five mins before putting her on it to try and slow the flow down but this is me doing some trial and error stuff. Perhaps best to seek proper advice. I’m going to ask the HV this week about it as I’m fed up doing double feeds when she goes on that side!!

Highly suggest seeing a lactation consultant. Mine wouldn't take my right boob and mine helped me figure it out. I thought it was a me thing, but he just wanted to nurse in a different position. I also had to adjust it a little bit to help him get a good latch. Also, if you use that side and it's more aggressive, trying leaning back

Maybe pump or hand express a bit out to help out with the spraying..? My baby didn’t do this exactly but she would stop and gasp so I was told by the ped to try hand expressing or pumping to help . If that’s not it maybe the way she’s positioned? My baby only liked to feed off of me in a football hold for the first 2-3 months

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