Baby slings/wrap/carrier post csection

When did everyone start using a baby carrier post csection? I really want to use one, but worried how tight they have to be & his legs resting / pushing against stomach?
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Think its a very individual thing - I had an emergency c section with my first and couldn't use the sling until about 6 weeks and even then I found it tiring - but it was to do with my posture and core strength rather than my incision. I've recently had an elective and started using the sling before 4 weeks and now I'm 5 weeks and have had it on for hours now (mostly through necessity though) 😅

I haven’t had c section but use a wrap and my little girls legs aren’t anywhere near my belly.

As soon as he was heavy enough for the sling (3 weeks pp) because I could not lift pram downstairs so otherwise housebound. And I'm carrying the pram straight from 6 weeks though I know I shouldn't. I use a belly band and this protects amazingly from baby kicking scar area. Newborns have to sit very high up for safe sling wearing anyway and their legs in M shape so feet should really be to the side anyway. My one usually stayed like that but occasionally did have a wiggle and a kick e g. If sat on the bus but for short walks there was no scar kicking at all! We also have a mothercare carrier but baby sits too low in this on me so only my partner can use it. Just the sling wrap for me 😊

I tried at 4 weeks and after 2 days in a row my scar/abdominal muscles really hurt so I stopped for a few weeks. I've been using it again now at 8 weeks and feel fine

Also had a section - I used one at 3 weeks pp - they sit much higher than your scar so you'll be fine ☺️

I’m 4 weeks post section and used a carrier today

I haven’t had a c section so could be wrong, but the baby should be higher up than where the incision is so I would think it would be ok?

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