Has anyone waited passed there due date just to end up gettin induce or did your baby come ? Because at this point I feel like there’s no point in waiting 41-42 weeks when In the end most moms still have to get induced
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My expected due date was Oct 31st. My induction was scheduled for Nov 8th, however, I felt less fetal movements. I had an appointment on Nov 3rd with my OB. They confirmed and suggested that I go to the hospital. I got induced that same day and gave birth in the morning the next day.

I was 40 weeks 5 days they were going to induce me today tuesday at 1:00. I gave birth sunday 🥹

I went into spontaneous labor at 41w exactly. You don’t have to be induced majority of the time. And can refuse to be induced. They were trying since 38 weeks to induce me and I made it clear I wasn’t interested as it’s not medically necessary. Due dates are just estimates it can be off about 2 weeks. I wasn’t planning to get induced till I made 43 weeks but most moms go into labor before 42wks. Doctors like to just push medicalization onto birth

My due date was Oct 26-28th , went to the hospital for induction 11/4 . I was 41+5 arriving at the hospital.

I’m getting induced on 41 weeks

@Nanna I’ve heard that too but I’m sayin like they go that long just to get induced anyways so like is it really a reason to wait 🥴

Most first time mom's go a week to 10 days past their due date. It's totally normal.

I was 1 day away from being 41 weeks when I was induced. You got this! :)

I’m 40 weeks today and getting induced a day after thanksgiving.

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