Salam sisters! I am getting my son’s circumcision done and he will be 6 months. I wanted to know if anyone else got their sons one done around this age and how were they after the procedure and how long was recovery? I’m just soo nervous 😭
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@Khadiijah we have booked it at east London mosque. Where did you get your sons one done?

@Khadiijah Masha’Allah sis that’s really good to hear! When your son sits in the bath I’m assuming he’s fine and can’t feel anything?

Which place are you getting it done are you in London?

Thank you hun. Nappy changes have been fine, even when he goes poo I think the Vaseline helps it avoid that area. They will tell you to apply a certain amount of Vaseline on the nappy where his willy will touch so it doesn't stick. I would say let babies nappy be open for a while sometimes also. Yeah it says bath normally but add some salt if you want xx

@Khadiijah thank you so much for responding! What was he like with the nappy changes? Were you also told to give your son salt baths? Insha’Allah everything goes well for our little ones and I pray your son has a quick recovery insha’Allah x

Wa'alaikum salam. Don't worry, my son got circumcised 2 days ago his 5months. I was concerned because he likes to flip over when his laying down and he moves alot but alhamdulillah he was fine. I gave him dummy as I breastfeed and wouldn't have been able to give him milk at that moment, they gave a sugar drop thing that distracts them also. You just have to hold babies arms so he doesn't move around, they will take care of below. I gave Calpol just before the procedure so it would have kicked in at the correct time. I continued to give every 4 hours but he seems completely fine with it, he was emotional the same day but since then been ok. They recommend Calpol, they should give you after care sheet and let you know everything you need to know. Good luck and don't be scared. My elder son got circumcised only a month ago, so I have gone through it twice now in short amount of time, it's nerve racking but after couple days you will be OK xx

Hey, mine was done just before 12 weeks. The first few days were tough but they do feel better soon. Maybe don't plan anything or ask your partner to wfh if he can. He'll also have the help of calpol and nuerofen! I would say try to do it sooner rather later if possible :) sorry as its not the same but I hope it helps

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