So, some say Normal, some say not. Past 3-4 days I've been having god awful period cramps, like a unbelievably bad one. Then it gets quite bad for a period of time then calms to the cramp again. It hurts pretty badly but scared if I go to hospital they'll tell me it's normal again :( I'm almost 30 weeks
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I’d definitely get checked out, even if only to put your mind at ease

I would say call your doctor. Can never be to sure and it would put your mind at ease.

Baby is still kicking but

@Emily see I'm used to stretching etc as this is 3rd baby and thi is a new pain. I didn't labour with any of them only miscarried between them and it seems similar

I’d definitely ask your midwife. It’s probably just everything growing/stretching, but best to check. It doesn’t sound like braxton hicks to me, for me they didn’t feel anything like period cramps - just made my belly go hard & were a bit uncomfortable

@YazmynJade see I've had them before and didn't hurt but this time it's agony, like crying agony. I can't find my cervical opening to check as mine is tilted but feel cervix is extremely soft

It's likely Braxton hicks

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