Covid while pregnant :/

Hey everyone, any tips on how to best take care of yourself while having Covid? Trying to stay away from meds if possible other than maybe mucinex. Creating a human and fighting off illness is very taxing!
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In addition to what everyone said make sure you’re up and moving. You’ll feel better and less chance of blood clots forming and soreness.

My OB said Tylenol and Robitussin

I had covid my last pregnancy as well as once during this one. Not much you can take so stay hydrated, eat food’s high in vitamin c, soups, and rest as much as you can. If you start to feel terrible or dehydrated call your dr and see how they can help.

Drink lots of pregnancy safe tea (lemon, ginger) and fluids with electrolytes. Also get as much rest as you can and increase your intake of Vitamin C like having oranges and citrus fruits. Hope you feel better soon!

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