Nursery fees & free childcare ?

My son is 2 in March, I’ve found a nursery which I would like to send him to, at the moment as he’s under two I assume I wouldn’t get any help with childcare costs but I read somewhere when he turns 2, you can receive 15 hours free childcare is that correct? Also when he turns 3, does everyone automatically get 30 hours free? Thank you ❤️
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If you work part time 16 or more hours you can use the tax free childcare or if you claim UC they will pay up to 85% back so it’s working out which is better for you. Hopefully in April you’ll get your 15 hours free as long as the government follow through with there plans!

@Leona thank you so much🫶🏻 xx

@Libby❤️‍🔥 think it’s like 16 hrs what you work, I’m not 100% but look on childcarechoices it’ll have all the information you need xx

I work part time so I think it’ll be the 30 hours when he is 3 but I’ll check out the requirements etc, thank you everyone 🥰

April 2024 is when the change comes in so 2yr olds get 15 hours. Sept 2024 will be from 9mths old and Sept 2025 will be 30hrs for under 5.

As it currently stands 15 hours at 2 is for low income families… everyone gets 15 hours at 3, but you get 30 if you work. Not sure when the changes come in or the requirements

he should be entitled to 15 hrs, 30hrs is for people who work etc, xx

Depends if you’re in receipt of any benefits for the 2yo

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