Has anyone else experienced really bad itchiness? It’s all over and it’s not due to dry skin or stretch marks as it’s everywhere. It also feels like it’s under the skin and I can’t quite ever satisfy the itch but I still scratch until I’m marking the skin sometimes. It’s particularly bad at night and stops me from falling asleep as so uncomfortable. I don’t have any rashes and creams don’t help. I went to the day assessment unit yesterday at midwife’s request to get bloods to check for cholestasis and bloods came back okay. Has anyone else has this and did anything help? Thank you!
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@Christina thank you that’s a great idea. It’s the opposite of dry skin which is what I think everyone thinks of with itchy skin so maybe that’s why it’s not obvious! I will give it a try :)

I’ve had this for weeks and weeks but I’m sure it’s sensitive skin which I never had before. And yes I’m more aware at night but also get it during day. I was putting moisturiser and bio oil on at first but that seemed to make it more itchy. Eventually my SIL said to try some organic talcum powder from Lush, and see if it’s too much moisture and sure enough that works! I think my skin is just retaining moisture as the talc really helps stop it almost instantly. Couldn’t believe it didn’t occur to me until she said. Maybe give it a go!

I had bad itching which felt like prickly heat, I ended up using the Aveeno Dermexa range and having cold showers and that really helped. I doubt it's the same but thought it was worth a mention! I stopped using my coconut oil moisturiser too as that started to aggravate my skin

@Becca thanks - I did get checked for cholestasis and bloods came back normal. Gonna chase for repeat bloods if it doesn’t stop though. Good luck to you!!

@Ashleigh thanks for the tip!

@Ali thank you - could be! Will do

@Megan I wonder if it is to do with milk coming in then? Keep questioning to get more tests!

I had this under and around my boobs I think where they are bigger maybe I don’t know, and tried moisturiser and things which didn’t help… I then started putting baby powder on the area and it’s helped loads! Before I was scratching loads to the point my skin was red raw and even would bleed and now it’s calmed down loads and only flares up if I forget to put baby powder on! X

@Georgia thank you!

@Emily thank you! I stopped using body wash so the only thing I’m using is my stretch mark cream but the itching is not just my belly so it’s confusing! Thanks for the tip

@Deborah I have already and had bloods etc

@Emma thanks the midwife did say this - I’m going to follow up if the itching doesn’t stop and see if they’ll repeat bloods

Call triage and get it checked out! I had itching and it’s to do with a liver condition. Now on meds for the rest of my pregnancy and weekly blood tests as my bile acid levels were 5 times the safe level. Only symptom I had was itching, mainly at night. Nearly had to deliver baby at 26 weeks, goal now is to get to 35 weeks and deliver then as I can’t go over 36 weeks due to the acid levels!

@Lucy oh thank you - that’s good advice!!

@Indy likewise! It’s so annoying

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@Ali thank you - it doesn’t feel like dry skin and my skin is not visibly dry though which is why it’s weird - it’s also in weird places that never got dry before like armpits and sides of boobs etc

@Lorren it’s so annoying isn’t it!!

Yes I've had this too! I tried not putting anything on my skin for a week or so and also didn't shave, think it must have just been sensitive skin because that seemed to help. Also trial and error of not using certain products in case its anything in particular you're sensitive to

If the itching doesn’t stop, please go back to the midwife for further tests. Choleostasis can cause itching before bile acid levels rise (the itch and the bile acids aren’t caused by the same thing)

I’d ask your midwife

Sorry I just saw you’ve been checked out for this already… hope you find something to help with the itching 😊

Speak to your midwife about the itchiness, it could be absolutely nothing and just your body adjusting to the changes however if you have it with other symptoms it can be a sign of obstetric cholestasis so best to get it checked out! I’ve copied a link about it here

@Lucy you know, I totally didn’t think about it maybe being the stretch mark oil I use!

I had this, drove me wild. I found the opposite of moisturising helped me. I was using my usual moisturiser and a stretch mark oil on my belly but found if I had a shower before bed, literally using nothing no shower gel etc, made my skin completely free of anything then I didn't itch nearly half as bad and could finally get some sleep

Yes! Lol idk what it is but nothing helps. Mine is in one area too. But no skin issues, rashes, nothing. The skin looks regular, but I do sometimes rip my skin a little from scratching…. If you find something, let me know!

Skin can get much more dry and sensitive in pregnancy. Drink lots of water and make sure you moisturise. Try washing with a moisturiser like epaderm to stop the skin drying out

I have this too and can’t find anything to help it 😭

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