Reflux and changing formulas

Has anyone’s little one suffered with acid reflux from aptamil if so did you change formula? We do everything like paced feeding, keeping her upright and winding regularly already. Thank you x
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What do they do?x

Just on this, we went to see an osteopath today for our little one and I’d highly recommend! x

Oh bless her. Thank you :) x

@Jodie of course! We had gaviscon but it made her so constipated we had to stop x

My little one is currently going through this. He had cow and gate while in hospital and never had an issue. When I mentioned to GP she basically said babies formula milk is pretty much the same just different brands. We had gavuscon for babies which helped but not long after stopping that it's continued. Could you let us know if you change milks and if it works? I'm thinking about doing the same.

@Megan so difficult 😩 but also want to give a new formula time! I’m thinking kendamil organic x

@Emily me too but I don’t want to switch and him be worse on a different brand 🙈 so difficult isn’t it x

@Megan I’m thinking of changing formula but unsure what to x

I’m currently experiencing the same with aptamil and was going to post the same question x

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