How long does your baby feed for?

One feed usually lasts up to an hour with my 4 week old - anyone else experiencing this or have any advice??
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One hour for me usually :) Even more sometimes 😅

Yes bottle fed 🍼, lasts up to an hour still at 7 weeks. He's happy and takes the whole bottle. Just takes a good few breaks.

My 4 week old varies between 10 minutes to an hour. Can sometimes go fast then another time eat slowly. Complex little things xx

5-40 mins (breastfed) She usually has a big feed first thing in the morning - that's usually our longest feed

Anywhere from 5-40 minutes breastfed x

My 1st fed for an hour or more each time and I'm currently feeding this baby from anywhere from 10 minutes to 45 minutes. No advice, just came to say its normal. Its really frustrating but enjoy the quiet time to sit and rest, have something nearby to drink and plenty of snacks! X

10-15mins here x (breastfed)

15 mins on average for us, he’s putting on weight and has plenty wet and dirty nappies xx

On average I would say 45 mins per feed (3 week old)

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